Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Keyboard Is Not Working With Certain Websites in Firefox

A problematic keyboard may leads to dislike using the system by the user. If your system has only Firefox browser that is facing problem with keyboard compatibility, although, it may be only because of the software compatibility issues, not with the keyboard only. You can diagnose the problem quickly by different ways. Once you caught the issue, then you can find the solution very easily and your problem will be sort out within time. You can also read How to Enable Cookies in Firefox .
Keyboard not working with Certain sites in Firefox 


  1.Close the Firefox window of “Print Preview” that is on your screen. Firefox Knowledge Base tells that a “Print Preview” window shows the text in jumbled format. So, you may find it that your keyboard is not working fine with the Firefox browser.

  2.Click on the “Help” menu now and then go to “Check for Updates”. It may be the case that your Firefox is of old version and you need to get the new version of it. Then, your Firefox will show a message to upgrade your Firefox.

  3.Select the menu named “Tools” from the Firefox menu bar then go to “Add Ons” option. Now select the “Plugins” icon. At the status bar of the window, search for the “Find Updates” tab. If your browser is of old version. Firefox will automatically redirect you to installation guide to install the recent version. Once you are done with the installation, you need to restart your system to save the changes.

Some of the add-ons will have the compatibility issues with the current Firefox version. You can get the information of this within “Add-on” window. If you can’t able to solve the issue then, it’s better to uninstall it.
  4.First disable all your active Add-ons and restart the Firefox. Now check the working of the Keyboard with the Firefox, if working fine then the problem was because of the compatibility issue with the “Add-ons”. Reinstall the add-ons one by one and you can check the working of the keyboard with each one. This will help you to identify the problematic add-ons. When you are searching for the add-ons, make sure to check the compatible add-on with your Firefox version. This information you can get from the official website of Firefox.

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