Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Firefox not responding windows 7

Most of the time Mozilla Firefox run slow or not work on Windows 7. It happens with all the web browsers when they have been in use for a long time. The same is true with the Mozilla. Although it is one of the smartest browsers available online but it is prone to get some errors not only from the internet but also from the Windows. As we know that all the operating system have a large number of system files and also has a set of registry keys for each programs and we must preserve these Windows settings. We must avoid all malicious web sites to get rid of the problems in the web browsers.

Firefox is considered as quite safer yet it runs slower at times. There are many reasons behind this speed slow down and sometimes the excess of toolbars may be behind this. Other times the errors in the registry such as the Files Association Errors prevent Firefox to run fast and normal.

Some toolbars are not good for your browser. You must leave those malicious toolbars and other browser helper objects because they can create a lot of errors in Firefox are caused by these toolbars. Using a short list of toolbars will surely help you make Mozilla run faster.

You must clear the Cache to get Mozilla Firefox in better condition. You should always clear it when you end a browsing session and removes the malicious tracking cookies, one of the primary causes of slow Firefox. There are so many history files that are also responsible for slow Firefox, delete them and cookies. If you keep your system’s history cleans, you can avoid a lot of junk files and make space available for your browser to run faster. You can take the help of online technicians by calling on this toll free number +1-855-772-3255 (Toll Free).

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