Friday, July 6, 2012

How to Fix Firefox Crashes

It can be pretty frustrating when your internet browser accidents. A Firefox crash is annoying, especially if it happens often or if you had a lot of tabs open that you need to launch again one at a time. There are quick and easy solutions to fix Firefox accidents like these. You can stop Firefox failing at a critical time during browsing by looking at your add-ons, plug-ins and clearing your storage cache. To fix Firefox failing without reinstalling the software or your pc, follow the steps below.

Check your plug-ins and add-ons- While add-ons are certainly handy to have around, quite a few of them can cause big headaches. Add-ons like Firebug and Customize Google have been known to cause Firefox accidents. Examine for updates to your add-ons to ensure that you get the latest version look that all issues related to internet browser accidents have been fixed. The same goes for add-ons like QuickTime and Flash; make sure they are up to date. If you encounter more issues, look back and recall the latest add-ons and plug-ins you might have installed. You may need to remove them if they consistently cause issues with your Firefox installation.

Clear your internet browser storage cache- Your Firefox storage cache stores a lot of data from the websites you visit, from Flash videos to PDF files to website images. Sometimes, these files can become corrupted and cause your internet browser to act up. In extreme cases, this will cause continuous accidents and might eventually prevent Firefox from launching at all. Clear your browser's storage cache to rid yourself of this problem and restart Firefox to see if it cured your problem.

Clean up your pc operating system- A computer's operating system often gets riddled with errors over time. This affects not only browsers like Firefox but other applications as well. If your pc operating system is having issues, it will likely lead to accidents in Firefox as well as other issues. Just use a pc operating system scanner to scrub out any missing, incorrect or pc operating system entries to keep your Firefox internet browser from failing. Furthermore, you can run it on a schedule to make sure it spots pc operating system issues before they get unmanageable.

Those are a few steps to fix Firefox crashes plaguing your system. You can easily fix Firefox failing without the need to reinstall your internet browser and lose any add-ons and customizations you've put into it. Good luck!

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