Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Uninstall Cookies In Firefox

Eliminating cookies (files that save information about Web sites you've visited) from Mozilla Chrome is a relatively uncomplicated process, but doing it often can help keep your hard drive from becoming too messy and eliminate potential security risks. While many security programs, such as Norton Resources, will eliminate cookies information for you, you can do it within the internet browser itself.You can also read Keyboard Is Not Working With Certain Websites in Firefox

Uninstall Cookies In Firefox

    How to Remove cookies in Mozilla Firefox
    1.Go to the selection bar, choose Resources, and then Choices.

    2.Select "Privacy" on the record of an eye that seems to be.

    3.Get the area noticeable "Private Data" at the end of the screen and simply select the Configurations key.
    4.Examine to be sure that "Cookies" has a indicate in the box beside it. If the box is empty, just click it.

    5.Select OK. At this factor, you have two options. You can have Chrome delete the cookies now, or you  can set it up to delete them whenever the web browser ends.
    6.Media "Clear Now" to personally delete all cookies data files.

    7.Click the box next to "Always obvious personal information when I quit Chrome."
    8.You can also choose "Clear Personal Data" from the Resources drop-down selection whenever they want. Or you can press Ctrl+Shft+Del.

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