Saturday, July 20, 2013

How To Activate ActiveX In Firefox

ActiveX in Firefox helps to the users to see the multimedia text and also some advance features in the Firefox like Flash, audio and video streaming content.This is mainly because of the fact that Mozilla Firefox  does not support ActiveX controls,if  you want to use it then you have to activate it manually on your system by just installing the application from a third party add-on.You can easily Install Java Support for Firefox in Ubuntu 8.10To make ActiveX controls work on your system, you need to follow the simple procedure:

Firefox ActiveX Instructions:

  1.Launch the Firefox,Download the Mozilla Firefox connectors that will communicate to your Firefox(for more information see the resources). Click the option “Allow” for the message that appears on the screen saying that “Firefox prevented this website…” and then click on the “Install Now” option.

  2.Now select “Tools” from Menu bar  and then choose “Add-ons” from the list.

  3.Click on the “Plugins” button and search the ActiveX plugins from the list.

  4.Select the ActiveX plugin from the plugin list and then click “Enable”.Relaunch the Mozilla Firefox.

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