Saturday, July 27, 2013

How to Enable JavaScript in Firefox

Enable JavaScript in FirefoxJavaScript is a famous programming medium used by the websites to build good user interface for the user. In Firefox, there is an option that facilitates to enable or disable the features of JavaScript. You have to keep this in mind, that some of the features may not be accessible if your browser is disabled JavaScript.You can also read How to Enable Cookies in Firefox .


Bring up JavaScript Options in Firefox

  1. Search the “Tools” menu bar in the Firefox browser after launching it.

  2.Now select the “Options” or “Preferences” (in case of Mac). A dialog box will appear on your screen.

  3.Now click on the Content icon.

Enable JavaScript in Firefox
  4.    You see a list with the checkboxes. Just check the box which says ‘Enable Javascript’.

  5.  Now go to “Advanced’ option. Now you will notice a drop down list now.

  6.  Now set up the JavaScript as per your requirement. Now select the check boxes for the action you want it to do. Click ‘OK’ to confirm with the settings.

  7.  Close the ‘Option’ box now. Now JavaScript is enabled on your system.
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