Friday, August 10, 2012

Problems Using Facebook in Firefox

This is a very common issue, I think I am not the one who faces this problem but there are many users who face this issue very often. We have talked about Mozilla Firefox not responding issue earlier, now I will talk about the problems, usually we face while using Facebook in Firefox. I will also share some great tips to deal with this issue.

If you are unable to connect to Facebook website using Firefox then, follow these steps

Note:-If you are not so tech savvy or don’t have enough computer knowledge, please avoid doing this. I will not be liable for the damage that may be caused to your PC after editing the settings by following the given tips. You have to proceed at your own risk or you may take help at this Toll Free No. 1-855-207-5444.

If you can connect to FB using other web browsers and problem is only with Firefox then you do the following things.

Clear recent history, to do this go to the Firefox Windows, on the menu bar, click Tools, then select Clear Recent History
In the Time Range to clear: drop-down, select Everything.
Select both Cookies and Cache and Click Clear Now.

You should also check cookies settings:

Follow these steps:

Go to Preferences. Select the Privacy panel.
Set Firefox for Use custom settings for history.
 Choose Accept cookies from site and Accept third party cookies.
 Click Exceptions.
 Make sure Facebook is not listed.

Facing Facebook errors may be there due to the problem JavaScript. It is enabled in FF by default but to check its status, you should perform following steps.
Click on Tools menu and go to Options in the Firefox.
Select content panel, javascript must be checked


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  3. i notice since i began usinf firefox apparently my custom settings on facebook is not working people who werent able to read my post are now able even though i have them blocked? what gives!!!!

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