Friday, July 26, 2013

How to Turn on Active X in Firefox

Microsoft Company has developed Active X for the IE browser to allow it to show all the types of files available on the website. However, This tool was specially designed for IE, But when we are using Firefox, some websites show the message to install Active X for the proper visibility of the content on the website. For this, Mozilla has developed a tool “plug-in” that will permit you to use the features of ActiveX on the Firefox.You can read How to Enable Java in Firefox With Ubuntu .

Turn on Active X in FirefoxInstructions:

  1.Just ensure yourself with the version of the Firefox installed on your system by clicking on the “Help” menu on the Firefox menu bar. Now click  “About Firefox” to see the details of the version number provided under the Firefox logo.

  2.Visit the Mozilla Firefox official website to find the Esker Active X Plug-In.

  3.Now just check which version of this plug-in is compatible with the version of your Firefox browser. If it is showing more than one version of the Active X for your Firefox, then download the latest version of Active X.

  4.Check the box that labeled to install “Experimental Add-On”. Now click on “Add to Firefox”.

  5.Now check the box that says about the license agreement that “Accept and Install” option.When the automatic installation completes,Active X will be automatically activated on your Firefox.If it does not happen, click on “ Tools” and then “Add-Ons” on the Firefox menu. Now click the “Plug-Ins” tab and then “Enable” it.

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