Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mozilla schedules Metro Firefox for December release

Mozilla schedules Metro Firefox for December releaseYou like the touch screen functionality in Internet Explorer, then just go for the option of Windows 8 operating system. You will get an awesome experience to work on it.

In the meeting of the Firefox scheduled meeting that was held on few days back, Mozilla decided to integrate the Metro style user interface in its Aurora version on September 16, with the Windows Aurora Firefox created and publicized with Windows 8 preview release. The due date is October 28, and the ultimate version of Metro Firefox with Firefox 26 to be released on December 10.

I can say that it takes much more time than the other releases.

In March 2012, Mozilla Company announced that it is going to develop of a Metro Firefox version. At that time, Windows 8 was at a beta release, that it 8 months before its, formal release. Metro was the official name of Windows 8 design that time.

18 months before its real development of the project, Mozilla HQ filling the expectation. Mozilla Company Mr. Bondy started the development stage and called it “a very big project”. Project Manager said it clearly that the real code is very far in the future: “I do not anticipate that we will get beyond a late stage Beta” but it will be before the starting of 2013.

This prediction was because of money issues. In April 2013, I really appreciated the browser’s developers for implementing the Windows 8 interface, added with app bar and a tabbed browser that are veiled until you show then with a swipe motion. This is just opposite of Google, which has integrated a Windows 8 interface to the current Google Chrome and simply simulated the desktop user interface.

Mozilla’s developers have already done a tremendous job by supplying a touch on the desktop browser, a copy of proposed Metro Firefox. But for the ultimate release, developers are creating all new Firefox app bar, that puts the tabbed bar at the header but moves the address field, refresh button, bookmark button and other useful controls at the app bar in the footer.

As the new Firefox will be introduced, it will be the newest of the major windows supporting browser that will support the exclusive split mode that is only for the browser. IE10 was the first ever browser which is having this  hybrid Windows 8 app that shows two views of the same browser.

At the time of the beta release of the Windows 8 Consumer Review, Microsoft gives a note “Developing a Metro Style enabled desktop browser”, that gives the strategy to the developers and the meaning also. After the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft modified the document to delete the word “Metro”. The latest release of the coders strategy includes the strategy for Windows 8.1 Preview and is given the name as “Developing a new experience enabled Desktop Browser”.

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