Friday, September 13, 2013

Firefox Issues With Clicking

Mozilla Firefox is compatible with any kind of computer mouse, but you need to install the available mouse’s driver on your system for fixing any type of mouse issue for the clicking. It may be possible that a Firefox browser can hang up even if your driver software is up to date. It disable mouse click feature in the browser some times. Usually in Firefox, the browser hangs up when too many tabs are working on the same time and also the system don’t have sufficient RAM to handle it. You can also read Mozilla schedules Metro Firefox for December release .
Firefox Issues With Clicking Program Hangs

 • When you open your Firefox browser but you can’t able to click on anywhere then it means your browser is hang up. The hanging window will be dimmed after few seconds of  time and a prompt will be appear on the screen that says that your browser is not responding. Many a times, this problem arises frequently or so, then you have to close the Firefox browser and then re-launch the Firefox.

 • The mouse driver is the application that facilitates your mouse to work with the hardware of your system. If your mouse driver is not updated then, the working of the mouse with the Firefox browser will be problematic. To update your mouse driver, go to official website of the mouse manufacturing company and download the newest driver, so to enable the full functionality of the mouse.


 • If your browser screen is scrolling when you click on your mouse’s middle button, which is usually a scrolling wheel, it shows that your mouse auto-scrolling is allowed. You can deactivate this feature by clicking on the browser’s menu bar  at the top left corner and then select the “Options”.Then reach to “Advanced” option in the Options menu and then deselect the box that labeled as “Use Auto scrolling” and then click on “OK”  button.

General Troubleshooting


If you restart your system, it will usually solve some general problems like, non-responsiveness of your mouse. Whenever the system’s hard drive is reboot, this will remove the problems that you were facing earlier. If you are still facing the compatibility issue with your mouse click with Firefox, then the possible solution for this problem will be update your browser with the newest version of Firefox available. Check the newest version by clicking on the “Help” on the menu bar of the Firefox , then go to “About Firefox” and then click on “Check for Updates”.

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