Monday, September 2, 2013

How To Use VLC Media Player In Firefox

VLC is a free and open-source media player for Windows, linux and Mac OS X includes a web browser plug-in for Mozilla Firefox, but it isn't installed by standard. If you want to use the VLC media player plug-in to play video clips included on Websites in Mozilla Firefox, you have to re-install VLC with the Mozilla Firefox plug-in. After it's reinstalled, you can change the plug-ins and programs mozilla firefox uses to handle press information on Websites.Visit this link How to Keep My Search Bar From Saving My History on Mozilla

How To Use VLC Media Player In FirefoxInstructions:

      1.Obtain VLC's installation software from

      2.Close Mozilla Firefox by simply clicking the "Firefox" selection key at the higher left area of the display, and simply clicking "Exit."

      3.Double-click the downloadable VLC .exe computer file, and do as instructed on your display until you reach the "Choose Components" display. If you already have VLC set up, just click "Yes" when you're requested to remove it first.

      4.Simply select the examine box to the remaining of "Mozilla Plugin" on the "Choose Components" display of the installation software.

      5.Do as instructed on your screen to complete setting up VLC.

      6.Just click "Start," "All Applications," "Mozilla Firefox" and "Mozilla Firefox."

      7.Simply select the "Firefox" selection button at the upper left corner of the Firefox window, and then click "Options."

      8.Simply select the "Applications" symbol at the top of the Options screen.

      9.Simply select the "Action" selection to the right of each kind of press computer file you want to perform with the VLC plug-in in FIrefox, and then click "Use VLC Multi-media Plug-in (in Firefox)" in the record of available activities.

     10.Simply click "OK."

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