Saturday, August 31, 2013

How To Stop The Mozilla Firefox To Save My Browsing History

Mozilla, a non-profit company devoted to advertising awareness and advancement on the Internet, offers a Web internet browser known as Mozilla Firefox. By standard, firefox stores information on sites you have frequented, information downloadable, and queries conducted on its personalized look for bar, located in the top-right of Firefox's main screen. This function allows you to surf popular google like Google, Google and Wikipedia without actually viewing their site. Eliminate look for bar history from Mozilla Firefox by modifying Firefox's comfort choices.Visit this link How To Enable Pipelining In Firefox

How To Stop The Mozilla Firefox To Save My Browsing History 

   1.Release Mozilla Firefox. Simply select the "Firefox" tab in the top-left area of the display and choose "Preferences."

   2.Media the "Privacy" tab. Simply select the drop-down box near the top of the screen and choose "Use Customized Configurations For Record."

   3.Simply select the "Remember Search and Form History" key so the check indicate vanishes. Quit the Choices screen to save your changes.

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