Saturday, September 28, 2013

How To Remove Temporary Files From Mozilla Firefox

The Mozilla Firefox Web online browser provides you with many features to rate up your Internet surfing. One such feature saves temporary Internet information to your difficult drive; these information are then accessed by the Web online browser to rate up the display of websites you have previously opened. These information take up space on your difficult generate and should be periodically cleared from Mozilla Firefox's cache.You can also read How To Clear Private Data On Mozilla Firefox

How To Remove Temporary Files From Mozilla Firefox
 Instructions Mozilla Firefox 3.0

    1.Firstly start Mozilla Firefox.

    2.Simply click "Tools."

    3.Simply click "Clear Private Information."

    4.Examine the box noticeable "Cache."

    5.Simply click the "Clear Private Data Now" key.

    Earlier Firefox Versions

    6.Open Mozilla Firefox. Simply click "Tools."

    7.Simply click "Options."

    8.Simply click "Privacy."

    9.Simply select the key noticeable "Clear" next to the "Cache" option.

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