Friday, September 27, 2013

How To Clear Private Data On Mozilla Firefox

Some people discuss their personal computer with other customers and do not want anyone to find out their last web page trips, saved Cookies or any downloadable data files. Fortunately you can select to have your information eliminated out in no time. Study on to understand how to obvious personal information on Mozilla Firefox.You can also read Why Is Mozilla Firefox So Slow?


     1.Go to the selection bar, simply just click "Tools," then emphasize and choose "Clear Options Information."

     2.A individual screen will open up so simply click the data you want removed.

     3.Media "OK" to obvious the details that is already examined.

Choose the Data to Be Cleared

     4.On the selection bar, simply click "Tools" and choose "Options."

     5.simply select the "Privacy" tab and look for "Private Information." There are two choices you can select, "Always obvious personal information when ending Mozilla Firefox" or "Ask me before cleaning personal information." You can click "Setting" to select what data you will like to removed so Mozilla Firefox can obvious it.

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