Saturday, September 21, 2013

How to Download Music in Firefox

The internet is loaded with  lots of music and video files and that files are available free of cost, you only need to know the right browser to get the  useful files.  You can use your favorite Firefox browser to download the music files with the simple steps and also have free disk space to save the files on your system. Then only you can able to play the files in the music player and also customize it for yourself and also put it into the CD also.You can also read How to Make Firefox Run Faster .

How to Download Music in Firefox

   1. Launch the Firefox and go to webpage which is having the music files and you would like to download it into your system. Normally, music files are in mp3, wav, wma and also in m4a format. Very few music files with high resolution sound quality will be in format of ogg and flac. Mostly downloaded files will be opened on the default music player that  is iTunes and Windows Media Player. But for high-resolution files, you need to play it on some special audio codec player like winamp.

   2. Right-click on the music files so that a popup menu will flash on the  screen to show the various options for the file, that includes “Open Link in New Window”, “Bookmark this Link”, “Save Link As” and “Copy Link Location”. Mac users will require clicking on the CTRL key and then clicking on the mouse to pull up this menu option.
   3. Now choose the option as “Save link as” from the pop-up menu.  A “Save As” dialogue box will appear on the screen to ask you about the target location where you want to save this music file. Select a file to download the file to.  Your new music file is now in your system and is available to play on your system now!

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