Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to Change the Security Settings in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is considered as one of the most used browsers among all other browsers. As we all know that our internet browser is the medium for us to connect to the internet. Mozilla Firefox has various security settings that are affective to the websites that can install add-ons on your computer. It also checks which dangerous websites should be blocked and how password manager works. You can configure these settings in security pane of option menu in firefox. You can create a master password to lock down the password manager and restrict the websites that install add-ons.

You can change the security setting in Mozilla by following these steps:
Click on the Firefox menu button at the upper-left corner of the Firefox window and click Options.

In option you have to click on the security icon.

Now go to the checkbox “warn me when site try to install add- ons”, enable or disable the information bar that appears on the top of the page when it tries to install add-ons.

Click on the Exceptions and add a website by typing its name in the box in the Exceptions window and clicking Allow.

Now click the Block reported attack sites" checkbox.

To block forgery websites, click the "Block reported Web forgeries" box.

If you want Firefox to remember passwords for websites by clicking the "Remember passwords for sites" checkbox.

You can manage the list of websites that Firefox should never ask to save passwords for by clicking the "Exceptions" button in the passwords section.

If you still find any security issues regarding Mozilla Firefox than you can call online support. Just dial this toll free number 1-855-207-5444.

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