Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Certificate is Not Trusted Because it is Self-Signed - Mozilla Firefox

The certificate error “the certificate is not trusted because it is self signed” error is the problem with the website you are visiting not with Mozilla Firefox browser. The website is supposed to show a security certificate to display that website is safe & secure to user. If you want to open a website on Mozilla Firefox browser and get a script error “The certificate is not trusted because it is self signed”

Given below are steps to resolve this issue:-
•    In the address bar of Mozilla Firefox Browser Type “about:config” then hit enter
•    Then new window will appear, in new windows search “browser.xul.error pages enabled”
•    If the value from the same line is not correct, then double click on it (it will automatically correct)
•    Then try again to open the website on Mozilla Firefox browser, windows will appear with option of adding exception that allows you to view the website

You can do exception process manually as well by following given below steps:-

1. Click on “Tools” menu and then click on “Options” .
2. Click on “Advanced”, then click on tab “Encryption” .
3. Click on the “View Certificates” button.
4. Select the tab called “Servers” from the popup that shows.
5. Click on the button “Add Exception” (bottom right hand side).

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