Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How To Switch To New Windows Automatically In Mozilla Firefox

Like most internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox offers several ways for you to perspective Websites. By standard, Mozilla Firefox has decided to use the tab surfing around function as the standard way to perspective webpages in Mozilla Firefox. However, you can also use the more conventional surfing around option of starting and watching visited hyperlinks in a new screen. In addition, you can set up the web browser to open each link instantly in a new screen. Configure this ability in the Mozilla Firefox Options selection.You can also read How to Get to the LAN Configurations in Mozilla Firefox

How To Switch To New Windows Automatically In Mozilla FirefoxInstructions

     1.Start a Run discussion. Do this by at the same time pushing the "Windows" and "R" important factors.

     2.Type "Firefox --preferences" and click "OK." This control reveals a Mozilla Firefox Options screen.

     3.Simply select the "Tabs" key. This provides you with common tab and window-related choices.

     4.Just click to eliminate the examine beside "Open new windows in a new tab instead" and then click to place a examine beside "When I start a link in a new tab, change to it instantly."

     5.Simply select the "OK" key. The next time clicking a link, Mozilla Firfox will instantly open the page in a new screen.

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