Thursday, October 3, 2013

How Can I Change My Version Of Firefox?

As of May 2011, Mozilla Firefox 4 Try out, the newest edition of the Mozilla Firefox Web browser, is available for anyone to download, and offers several features not available on mature editions. Unfortunately, Mozilla Firefox 4 is still in "Beta," which means you may experience occasional insects and other issues. If you previously improved your web browser to Mozilla Firefox 4 only to realize that you like the mature edition better, it is possible to change your web browser's edition. On the other hand, you can also update your web browser to the newest edition of Mozilla Firefox available.You can also read How To Access Firefox Settings

How Can I Change My Version Of Firefox?Instructions

1.Obtain the edition of Mozilla Firefox with which you want to substitute your present web browser edition. Obtain places rely on what edition of    the web    browser you want. More recent editions, for example, can be downloadable from Mozilla (, while you can download mature editions from Mozilla's FTP web page (, or from a web page that provides old and no-longer-supported application, such as Old Applications (, Old Version ( or Version Obtain (

2.Remove your current version of Mozilla Firefox. Just click "Start," then "Control Panel." Just click "Uninstall a Program" from the bottom left-side of the window. Search through the list of programs installed on your pc for "Firefox." Select the web browser, then click "Uninstall." Follow the uninstallation encourages that appear, then restart your pc if persuaded.

3.Double-click the Mozilla Firefox set up file you previously downloadable. Installation encourages will appear. Accept to the "Terms of Service," then select the options you want and just click "Install." Wait for the final immediate to appear. Check the box next to "Launch Mozilla Firefox," then simply select the "Finish" key. The web browser will release.

4.Press and hold the "Alt" button. Simply just click Firefox's selection headlines to reveal the selection. Release "Alt." Simply click "Help," then "About Mozilla Firefox." A window will appear with information about your Mozilla Firefox web browser. Look at the edition type to confirm that it's the edition of Mozilla Firefox you need.

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