Monday, September 16, 2013

How to Fix Firefox Issues With Live Streaming

f you are using the Firefox browser or some other browser , live streaming needs a good high-speed internet connectivity. Many a times videos are downloaded fully before to be seen for a non-stop video viewing experience. Live streaming videos are played instantly but stops in the middle for the buffering, if your system is not taking the download continuously. The causes for this problem of stopping the video and start buffering are Hardware acceleration, memory and other unsupported software installed in the system. You can also readHow to Fix Firefox Issues With Live Streaming How to Speed up Mozilla Firefox .


   1.   Don’t browse the internet if the video is running or if your video is not so smooth. Bandwidth is the amount of  data transferred within a specific time period that is generally defined in bits per seconds. The bigger the bandwidth, the fluent your video will run. Close the application that is sharing some data and also that utilize the Internet speed. This will help your Internet connection to gain maximum speed only for video.

   2.   Stop the hardware usage if your flash player shows a blank screen while on full-screen mode. Here actually the audio is running in the background, this usually happens due to flash hardware acceleration and is removed only by closing the setting menu. Visit the see if you have the newest version of Flash. Upgrade your software from the official website of the Flash, now go back to the video that is playing that time. Now right-click on it, Select the option of “Settings”. Click on the left corner icon to display the   possible options. Now click on the delete option by check the checkbox that says “Enable Hardware Acceleration”.

   3.   Set the player now to make the adjustment for the quality of the video as per the speed of the Internet Connectivity. Such as, the QuickTime Player go for the "Automatic" as the default setting. This streams the lowest quality version that is accessible, even if your connection is competent of more. In QuickTime, go to the  "Edit" option , then select the "Preferences," and then "QuickTime Preferences." Under the "Streaming Speed," pick the setting that is closest to the type of connection you have, then click "OK" to confirm.

   4.   Employ Launchy, a external program to open a streaming file, this is mainly done to avoid the usage of normal method for downloading the streaming files and then plays it on the media device directly. Launchy is a Firefox extension tool that has additional option when we right-click on a media file. You can add a custom application by just making .xml file. Go to that will create a .xml file for you.

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