Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How To Import Bookmarks In Firefox

If you have a huge number of stored Web websites stored on other Web internet explorer, you may want to transfer them into Chrome. The process is very simple and once you have brought in your favorites into Chrome, you'll be able to easily check out your preferred Web websites.Visit this link How To Check For Firefox Updates
How To Import Bookmarks In Firefox 

    How to Import Bookmarks in Firefox

        1.Begin Mozilla Firefox, then select 'Bookmarks' from the selection bar. Choose 'Organize Bookmarks' from the drop-down selection. The 'Bookmarks Manager' screen will begin.

        2.Just click 'File' in the 'Bookmarks Manager' screen and choose 'Import' from the selection.

        3.Choose the location from which you want to transfer favorites. You have 2 choices: another web browser or a data file.

        4.Simply click 'Next' after making your selection to begin publishing favorites. Choosing to transfer from a computer file will open another screen that allows you to surf for the correct computer file on your computer.

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