Thursday, August 8, 2013

How To Change Your Security Options In Mozilla Firefox

The importance of being able to change protection choices in a web browser is not lost on most people, especially these days of online charlatans. Mozilla firefox has made sure to include multiple protection choices within its latest release of the popular web browser mozilla firefox.visit this link
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How To Change Your Security Options In Mozilla FirefoxInstructions:

    Find the Security Options
        1.Bring your mouse to the top menu bar and simply just click Tools (for Windows) or mozilla firefox (for Mac users). Then simply just click Options  (for Windows) and Choices (for Macs)
       2.Simply click the 'Security' symbol.

Change Security Options in Firefox
       3.Create any necessary changes to your protection choices by verifying or un-checking the first two containers. These containers have to do with enabling add-ons and verifying for websites with alleged forgery. By simply clicking 'Exceptions,' you can add websites that are allowed to set up add-ons onto your pc.
       4.Check out down to the next area, Security passwords, and choose if you want mozilla firefox to keep in mind passwords for all websites and whether you want to apply a expert security password.
       5.Set up the caution concept guidelines for Chrome. In the Warning Information box, simply select the 'Settings' button to open a drop-down box. Check the containers record the alerts you would like to receive and just click 'OK.'
       6.Just click 'OK' in Windows or close the choices box on a Mac to impact the security changes.

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