Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How Do I Enable Java Applets in Firefox?

Java applets are mechanism that works using the Java tool. It runs inside the browser and help you to use the features like chatting, playing games, watch 3D pictures and many more all this from your web browser only. Most of the website works with this technology to show the multimedia information. If this is not working on your browser then you might not see all the content of the website and also decreases your experience of using internet.You can also learn how to configure Mozilla Firefox.
Enable Java Applet in Firefox 

  1.Download and install newest build of Java on your system.

  2.Now launch the Firefox browser and go to “Tools” menu that is on the top menu bar. Now go to “Add-ons” option by opening the Tools menu.

  3.Now click on the “Plug-ins” option and Click on”Java” and then click on “Enable” to Active the Java applet on your Mozilla Firefox browser.

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