Friday, August 3, 2012

Mozilla Firefox not responding

Though Mozilla Firefox is one of the best browsers worldwide but it has its advantages and disadvantages both. Mostly users get frustrated when Mozilla firefox not working issue occurs. It is known as one of the most stable and powerful browsers today. It also causes inconveniences when it crashes the computer system.

The most common reason of Mozilla not responding is a wrong set of settings that stop the application from running correctly. If there are problems with the plug ins or if there are errors in the registry, then Firefox will stop responding. If the Windows settings have been modified, these errors will occur. Any of these issues could be the cause of the crash; or it could even be a combination of these problems. Some tips are given here to help you;

There are thousands of add ons. Mozilla doesn’t check all these addons separately to see if they are working properly. This is a major reason of the slowdown in speed. Disable your addons to make sure that these aren't the source of your problem. There is no need to run unlimited additional plugins without eventually running into resource problems.

Open your browser type 'about: config in the address bar. A warning message would appear on the screen. You should just ignore the warning message and proceed ahead. Firefox is an open source application with thousands of people who have contributed to the browser. So these are some simple step to be taken when your Mozilla Firefox not responding. To get online support, dial this toll free number 1-855-207-5444.

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