Friday, July 13, 2012

How to Enable Cookies in Mozilla Firefox

A computer stores pieces of information. It is called cookies. It remembers all the history about sites when it is visited. Today people are using computers for different purposes and various actions are done using one. When it is connected to an internet connection, people can browse the net and search for information, do shopping, send mails, etc. all these actions will be stored on the memory of the computer.

You have to adjust your browser to allow cookies. You should know what type of browser you are using. There are much kind of browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Netscape. These browsers are updated from time to time. So the instructions may be basically the same but vary a little depending on the browser and also its version. For example, the tips to enable cookies will be a little different for the Internet Explorer 8.x to that of 6.x and 7.x. similarly the guidelines for this may vary for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Here we share these simple tips. The Internet Explorer 8.x is an improvement on the previous versions. For enabling cookies for this browser of the eight version you need to follow the path Tools>Internet Options>Privacy>Default. On this tab you need to select from different levels like medium, high, low, accept all. Once done you OK it. For the previous versions it is the methodology that we follow but along the path the default tab will not appear so we go from privacy to different levels.

On the Tools menu of Mozilla you will find Options. When you click on ti a window will open and show some tabs select he privacy tab and on it go to the cookies section and choose from enable cookies and Accept cookies normally. The last step to complete the action of course would be to give an OK.

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