Monday, July 30, 2012

How to Customize Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is most used and loved web browser. It’s an open source program, which means it is very customizable. From its looks to its functionality, Firefox is becoming the browser of choice for customizing. You can choose a theme that suits you. A theme is a pre defined layout that someone else has made. If you want to try, open Firefox, and then click "Tools" then "Add-ons". You will find a gallery of wallpaper choices. Select the one you like and click "Wear It". The wallpaper will be applied to your Firefox background.

Firefox has themes that can change the icons too. You can get those themes, click "Explore Firefox Themes in Personas Gallery window. Select theme, then click "Continue to Download" on the proceeding page. Click "Accept and Install" to the end-user license agreement, then click "Install Now". After installing, restart Firefox. Click "Restart Firefox" on the Add-ons menu. After Firefox restarts, you will see the effects of the new theme. If you do not like your selection, click "Tools" then "Add-ons". Go to "Themes" to change your previous theme.

You can also find some add-ons. Go to "Tools" and click "Add-ons", then click "Get Add-ons". Click "Browse All Add-ons". Browse the categories for add-ons that you liked most. After you find one you like, click "Continue to Download" and accept the end user license agreement. After it has installed, you must restart Firefox.

You can also organize the buttons and interface, right click a button, like your refresh button and go to "Customize". The Customize Toolbar will pop up. Now you can drag and drop icons to the interface of Firefox.  You can also take the help of online support by dialing this toll free number 1-855-207-5444 to get Help and Support for Mozilla Firefox.

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