Saturday, July 7, 2012

How to Block Websites in Mozilla Firefox

Browsers are that medium which connect us to internet or take us to the online world. These browsers have made our task very easy and are beneficial for our business as well but it has its own bad effect on your computers. Many viruses, spywares, spam, Trojans, malware and online threats also make these browsers a way to enter in your system. It can badly harm your PC so it must be your priority to prevent these viruses and bad effect. Generally people take the help of technicians or experts to secure their PC but you can also perform these security or prevention to your PC.

Here we are guiding you to get rid of this bad effect by blocking some of that sites which are extremely dangerous for your computer. Open Mozilla Firefox and click on the tool tab, point down to select option, the first tab you will see will either be general or Main. Look for the Always ask me where to save files option. Click on the privacy tab, look for the Remember What I enter in forms and the search bar option. This will enabled by default. You will need to disable this option. Now move on to the next option which is Accept cookies from sites.

You can simply select the deny button for suspicious and malicious sites, now click the security tab and verify that the Warn me when sites try to install add-ons option is checked. You can check it Under the Passwords section, click to check the box beside Use a master password option. Check the box beside Use a master password option when you choose this option, it will ask for your current password and new password. Confirm the password and hit the OK button. Now click on the Content tab and deselect the Enable Java box. Now click the advanced button next to Enable JavaScript. In the Advanced JavaScript Settings window, remove checkmarks from all the boxes and hit the OK button to close it.

You should also enable the Block pop-up window option. These steps can help you a lot but still you are facing problem then you can contact online support solution. Call on toll free number 1-855-207-5444. Here our expert technicians will guide you to block any websites on Mozilla Firefox.

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