Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Firefox not working after Update

Firefox update is an important part to keep your browser secure and faster. There may be various reasons when we are prompted to perform an update to Firefox like Security, new features, bugs and compatibility. Sometimes we face this problem that Firefox not working after update, though we perform these updates step by step and perfectly but due to some reason it stop Mozilla Firefox to respond. Here we will let you know some tips that can help you when your Firefox not working issue occurs:

First you must clear your cache. Keep your system’s RAM free. Shut down all unnecessary applications so that your computer is functioning at good speed. Now try a great new tweak that deal with the Firefox lag issue. This tweak is becoming very popular by the day.

A very easy step is to close your browser and reboot. You will find Firefox is recovered and performing better now and videos are free of any problem of slowing down. Firefox problem is totally gone by now. It‘s a very simple task, you don’t need to be an expert or technician to get solution for this problem, a little amount of care and caution should work the wonders for you. However, do remember to delete all unwanted stuff from your computer from time to time and keep your Temp folder clear of all clutter. Empty the Recycle bin always to have a better performing computer.

If above tips doesn’t work for you then you can Re-Install the browser. To do this first uninstall the previous not working Mozilla Firefox browser and then download it from Google and install the new version of Firefox. It will help you to solve this issue. If problem still consists then you can take the help of an online support.  You can call on this toll free number 1-855-207-5444. Here you can get unlimited help for Mozilla Firefox Support.

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