Friday, June 29, 2012

Firefox for Easier and Faster Browsing

Mozilla Firefox has some great built-in functions that even long-time customers might not be instantly conscious of. Awesome strategies and easy-to-use, personalized look for alternatives really cause you to feel like a pro with web surfing around.

Existing Save Keywords

Firefox has a few per-programmed keywords already in place for customers. If you go to the deal with bar and kind any of the following, your look for question will be run off of that particular website.

Google - Goes to Search engines Search

Wp - Wikipedia

Slang - Uses the online City Dictionary

Stocks - Uses Google inventory search

These bookmark keywords make it so you no more have to go to your deal with bar, kind the URL and once you get to the look for web page, kind your question in the empty. Now you can do it all from your website.

Smart Keys/Hot Keys

A sensible search phrase, also known as a hot key, is a bookmark with a particular search phrase. You can make your own sensible key using Firefox's Social bookmarks selection.

1) Go to Social bookmarks and click on "Manage Social bookmarks."

2) Start "Quick Searches" and simply click on a present weblink.

3) Right click on and choose "New Save."

4) A pop-up screen will open called "Properties for 'New Bookmark'".

5) Say you want Yahoo! to be your standard look for, in the Name empty complete the following: [y] Search engines Search.

6) In the Place empty, duplicate Search engines Search's URL.

7) For Keyword and key phrase, kind "y" without the quotations.

8) You can add your own information and then click on OK.

Now when you kind "y blah search" (your look for question here), Firefox will pick up Yahoo's serp's for "blah search" without you even having to go to Yahoo's look for site. This performs the same for any look for website optimization that you system a sensible key [y] for.

Keyboard Shortcuts

A few useful key pad strategies will make your Firefox encounter even simpler and less mouse-use-y.

Ctrl L By forcing "Ctrl" and "L" together simultaneously, your pointer instantly goes to the deal with bar and chooses all of the writing. That way if you start entering a new URL, a key word, a sensible key etc. the present written text will be removed and changed with your new articles.

Ctrl K The control "Ctrl" and "K" will deliver your pointer in your web look for box.

Ctrl T This control will open a new Firefox tab for you.

Ctrl N Reaching "Ctrl" and "N" together will open a new Firefox screen.

Ctrl D This control will instantly bookmark the present web page for you.

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