Monday, June 18, 2012

About Mozilla Firefox 3.0.1

Mozilla Firefox 3.0.1 was a security and bug fix upgrade to the popular free web browser that was launched on September 16, 2008. The spot was launched less than a month after Firefox 3, which was a major upgrade to the web browser that presented numerous features such as an renovation of the address bar and a new making engine that greatly enhanced fill connections.

Security Fixes

The most significant protection spot introduced with Firefox 3.0.1 closed a hole in the web browser that could be utilized to install software without specific authorization from the user during the normal course of surfing around. The upgrade also fixed viruses data source problems that would occur during web browser start-up. In particular, the upgrade started a forced data source upgrade during web browser start-up, thus avoiding users from being exposed to known protection risks while surfing around the web.

Stability Fixes

There were a variety of slight balance issues repaired with the release of Firefox 3.0.1. The upgrade settled web browser accidents that would occur on the Mac os when running deformed GIF pictures. Additionally, the upgrade settled the issue of Chrome opening multiple tabs when a website address was started out from a command line interface.

Bug Fixes
Mozilla indicated that several glitches were set with the 3.0.1 upgrade to Firefox. The upgrade set a bug that came to exist when a individual ran both Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 at the same time. Furthermore, a publishing bug that triggered the page to be cut off when publishing from the middle of a web site was settled.

Other Updates

A number of slight up-dates were involved with Firefox 3.0.1 such as support for dial-up relationships in the A red hat systematize system edition of Firefox. In Firefox 3, customers of the A red hat systematize system edition of Firefox would originally only be able to use Firefox in off-line function when linking to the Internet using a dial-up or DSL relationship.

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