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  1. Hello,
    I have a problem with FireFox and Internet explorer. The surprise is that Chrome is still working real fine !

    I reseted FF and even uninstalled it/reinstalled it.
    I have created a new profile “FIREFOX.EXE –P” with no add on.
    It still jams afer a minute of use and displays a white layer if I insist.
    It looks like the memory gets full of it…
    Internet Explorer does not work either so there is maybe a join problem on my system.
    Win7 pro updated protected by Avira. I’ve done several search for Trojan with MALWAREBYTE and CCleaner. They found 2 trojans that where erased. Yet I don’t know how they got in but they didn’t comeback.
    I copy here a raw troubleshooting report of FireFox.
    In the hope you can help. This problem prevent me from working and I’d like avoiding changing system.
    Thank you for your reading.
    John Dow
    +590 0690 236 971

  2. I can no longer use Firefox. It has been taken over by pop-ups saying I need to download and install everything from media software to flash software. When I try to go to a site like YouTube the pop-ups prevent me from doing anything on the site. Internet Explorer presents me no problems at all so I have made it my default internet browser. What is wrong?