Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Firefox Not Working

Mozilla Firefox is considered as the leading browsers that give a great service to its users. It is known as one of the most stable and trusted browsers today. It has various features that are very user friendly and supportive. It has many new exciting features that make it popular among computer users. Though it has so many qualities in it but it’s also true that we face various problems while working on it. When firefox is not working, there may be several issues like it might have crashed or sites are not responding because of slow speed however you become very helpless so here we have some guide line that will be very helpful to you:

What are Firefox crashes- There may be many reasons when firefox crashes but the common reason is a wrong set of settings that prevent the application from running correctly. If there are issues with plug-in or there is any registry error then firefox also crashes. Mostly a message come on screen that says important files of Firefox could be corrupt, damaged or deleted.

Tips to Fix Firefox problems- You must restart your computer to get your system refreshed. Sometimes it happen that some problem get solved by refreshing the system. If you still face this issue of firefox not working then you should re-install the application. After re-installing, the computer will be able to better process the necessary files and it can rearrange the mixed up old settings that could be causing the problem. To uninstall Firefox, go to Control Panel and select the Add/ Remove Programs tab. Select "Firefox" and uninstall it. Choose remove instead of "repair" when the application starts to load. Follow the steps it will give and follow up by rebooting the computer. If your Firefox is still not working then you can contact on +1-855-772-3255 (Toll Free).


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